Remarkably good event production: creating captivating atmospheres

  • Web Design
  • Branding

Sound Engine is a Finnish event producing company that is specialized in creative productions and high-quality event technology. Their previous web appearance was a bit outdated, and it was finally time to refresh the brand and create a new website to support that.

This project was very agile, and the core team was just Jussi and me. Jussi is a creative genius when it comes to writing captivating copies and producing content, while my role was to design, build, and update the website and some branding materials.

The beginning of this project was their old, outdated website from the early 2000s. They didn’t have a brand book, so I started the process by auditing their previous brand identity and web appearance. Based on my findings, I polished the brand (new typography and color hues) and sketched a layout for the new website.

This case was one of the few cases–like, ever–where the content was thought in advance before I started “my job.” Wireframing and drafting layouts for the website was a straightforward and smooth process since (almost) all materials were already available.

The design process itself was quite easy, and could be done by using only three programs;

  • Wireframes and layouts = Illustrator
  • Frontend stuff = Brackets
  • Photo editing = Photoshop

The website is based on WordPress, and it applies a custom theme made by me. The core of the site is modular, and thus, it can be updated and maintained without any issues in the future.

Old landing page
New landing page