Tailor-made solutions for the company’s growth, leadership, and diversity needs.

  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Brand Development

The X Search is a Finnish headhunting agency whose specialty lies in offering tailor-made solutions for companies’ growth, leadership, and diversity needs. The company was established in 2021, so I had a wonderful opportunity to create its marketing assets and campaigns from scratch. My ultimate mission was to create an appealing web presence for this novel company based on its newly crafted band identity.

The website project started from a PowerPoint presentation and evolved into a modern, scalable website. I received their branding guidelines and essential brand assets (logos, fonts, and color themes), which I applied to my designs. I received the preliminary content via a PowerPoint presentation, which I also used to form a tentative structure for the website. The process had three main phases; 1) preparation, 2) design, and finally, 3) development phases. The overall process was very swift, and together with the founders, we built the site within a month.

The design process consisted of three main steps. First was the benchmarking process, during which I mapped out different possibilities for the visual look and functionality of the site. The second phase was creating wireframes to focus on the site’s information architecture and content structure. The final design step was to provide mockups to provide a clear vision of the future website and its responsive alternatives.

The development phase was a straightforward process. I made a custom child theme for the website and built the site on top of a fresh WordPress installation. I used customized components (HTML/SASS) to provide impeccable and responsive typography while simultaneously focusing on the site’s SEO. The website addresses all the latest trends; it’s GDPR compliant, integrated with GA4, and it applies SendGrid to communicate with its customers.

The X Search’s Monogram Pattern
New landing page