Behind the scenes of building a captivating web appearance.

  • Concept Design
  • Web Design
  • Branding

Orsap is a Finnish turnkey contractor specialized in complete interior deliveries of public and cabin areas and partial deliveries for luxury cruise liners.

This project consisted of three phases; design consulting, designing and planning, and finally, production and publication. The starting point for this project was Orsap’s need to update their online appearance; the original site didn’t represent their professionality in a good light anymore. This project was produced by Karri and me; Karri was in charge of project management and was the first contact point with the client, whereas my role was to design and create the website.

The core idea of the first phase–design consulting–was to form the project scope and acquire some valuable insights about the industry. Karri and I organized a design kick-off with the client at Orsap’s, and together with the client, we formed a clear vision of what the outcome and goals of this project should be. When it comes to the project as significant as this one, building a shared understanding amidst the shareholders is crucial.

The second phase was all about design. The design phase followed my usual and already well-proven formula;

  1. Benchmark and mood boards
  2. Wireframes and information architecture (IA)
  3. First sketches + client feedback
  4. Finalizing layouts based on feedback
  5. Last confirmation and moving to the production phase.

The production phase was very straightforward. Firstly, the layout was divided into modules and smaller components. Secondly, the components and modules were created using a CSS preprocessor (SASS) and HTML based on the original sketch files. The final outcome is a simple, easy-to-use, responsive, and fully modular modern website.

Original website
New website