French design aesthetic meets the Scandinavian minimalistic design language.

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Mëtsa Glasses (Mëtsa Lunettes), established in 2012, was a French startup company, whose specialty was handmade, fashionable wooden eyewear. This environmentally conscious brand needed a small facelift to enrich both their brand image and the value of the company in the eyes of investors. The outcome of the project was quite auspicious since the brand acquired increased attention in France, and the company achieved local deals and collaborations. The result was a unified vision and a consistent brand identity.

Developing new brand identity for Mëtsa was a challenging and comprehensive case. The starting point was to highlight and cherish their minimalistic and clean design heritage and build its brand identity based on the company’s real values and mission.

The primary source of inspiration was the vibrant and rugged Scandinavian nature since the brand is built initially playing with the Finnish language. For example, the product names were inspired by Finnish words (usually related to Finnish nature) with a French twist.

As a tech-savvy designer, I always try to use open source solutions where it’s possible to keep the budget in check and to accelerate the design process. The updated website used the WordPress CMS as its core, and the e-commerce functionality of the site lied on the WooCommerce plugin–both completely free open source solutions. I also created advertising and marketing materials to support Mëtsa’s new brand identity. The big idea behind the whole branding process was to make the startup more consistent and mature for French investors.

Brand Imagery
My BA thesis’ book cover