World class experiences in Lapland, Sweden.

  • Web Design
  • Branding

Lapland Fishing and Hunting Club have a beautiful private resort available for its members and their families. The club deserved a beautiful website to promote its impressive landscapes and many activities.

My role in this project was to design, create, and optimize the final website. I aimed to create a minimalistic website that is visually image-rich and as authentic as possible.

I made the website for the WordPress CMS, using the latest web trends and open source solutions. As a part of this project, I created an automated marketing campaign using MailChimp and its user-friendly marketing tools.

This bilingual website is fully mobile optimized and made as SEO friendly as possible. The final brand for the LFHC was co-created with a talented, London-based designer Simon Parrott who made the beautiful and playful logo.

Mobile version
Full logo