Designing an online data visualization tool for enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Concept Design
  • Product Design
  • UI/UX Design

Deltamarin is a Finnish design company that has over 25 years of experience in providing ship design, offshore engineering, and construction support services for marine and offshore industries worldwide.

As a part of my minor studies (IDBM, International Design Business Management) at Aalto University, we had IDBM industry project course during which we created a paid real-life project together with the partner company. As the only designer in the project, my role was crucial; I was responsible for product design during our four months project course besides creating all of the marketing materials. The concept is currently under further development.

The aim of our concept, DeltaKey, was to visualize the data that ships collect during their journeys and put that data in use in practice. The solution is an online data visualization tool that is aimed both for ship crew and officers.

I created the platform utilizing various open source techniques and libraries. The UI of the product lies on the Mineral UI framework, whereas the product itself applies the bootstrap framework. The concept is highly modular, build a component-by-component methodology. Every function is an independent module that can be fully customizable based on Deltamarin’s clients’ needs and wishes.

Notifications – see what’s going at glance
Collapse the sidepanel
Notes – read a note or add your own by clicking the timeline
Filters – see only relevant data
Compare the selected trip summary against the ideal values
Expand and collapse the sidebar
Selected file / trip information
Background activity
Direct messages
View notes
Search previous journeys from the database or add a new filter
How many errors the journey has. Every journey has
Indicates how many comments this journey has.
Active filters
Add or edit parameters
See additional information
Menu – export or print data or compare this journey against other journeys