Capturing Finnish architectural heritage.

  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Concept Design

Ark-byroo is a Finnish architecture firm based in Helsinki. The firm has extensive expertise in architecture, and they offer many different services and consultation both for the public and private sectors.

My job as a designer was to create beautiful layouts for various print mediums besides other post-production tasks such as image editing and data visualization. Other activities were to design assets both for ark-byroo and Archtours brands. Archtours is ark-byroo’s sub-brand which offers guided architectural tours around the world, providing insightful excursions by local architects.

Working amidst architects and other talented professionals, I discovered how to produce high-quality, “ink-perfect” books using Adobe’s InDesign book functionality. Most of all, I learned how to interpret layout and floor plans — something that was super fascinating to me. I’m 100 % sure that I’ll use this knowledge a lot in the future!

Wireframes for a new website
Moodboard for Archtour’s new brand