The curious case of Jolla – working in a world-class startup.

  • Branding
  • Web Design

Jolla is an underdog, a Finnish startup-like company that offers a genuinely alternative mobile OS experience with its gesture-based Sailfish OS mobile operating system.

Working in an international Finnish tech startup is always an adventure itself, and my time at Jolla was no exception. Our daily life included rapid prototyping, cross-platform marketing campaigns, and constant brand development.

Working as a lead designer at Jolla, I provided creative production and planning for Jolla and Sailfish brands. My primary responsibility as a part of Jolla’s multidisciplinary marketing team was to achieve a way to reflect Jolla’s values and visions through its marketing mediums. We put significant effort into communication since everyone is welcome to develop the Sailfish OS, hence the motto: “People powered.”

My daily tasks were around designing, creating and managing Jolla’s extensive online presence (,, in addition to providing all the needed assets for other global events such as annual Mobile World Conferences both in Barcelona and Shanghai.

Working in a truly international, post-Nokia startup company was an exciting challenge where every week was different from the previous one. I’ve been working as a design consultant ever since I left the company because I enjoy working with a startup that has an ambition and vision to challenge the current mobile OS duopoly.

Jolla promo video
Sailfish promo video