Establishing a multi-site web appearance to strive for frugal and sustainable innovations.

  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Concept Design

InnoFrugal is a non-profit association focusing on impact investing and frugal innovations. Its mission is to create sustainable economic growth via co-creating good quality, accessible, and affordable solutions.

I’ve had a great opportunity to build Innofrugal’s online appearance based on their freshly updated brand identity. The project scope was to create three different websites around the same noble mission;

InnoFrugal Association is their “main website” that introduces the association to the audience.

InnoFrugal Conference is a website built around their annual conference. Its focus is on impact investing and frugal innovations.

InnoFrugal Sling helps Impact startups to develop their core concept, refine MVP, scale sales, and create a solid foundation to raise funds for the short and long term.

The project consisted of three main phases. The first phase was purely conceptual, and its outcomes were wireframes, hi-fi mockups, and a clear understanding of desired project outcomes. The second phase was the production phase, during which I planned how to create these websites in a modular manner to accelerate the following development phase. Developing the websites was not a challenging or lengthy task after good preparations—It allowed me to create all sites simultaneously since they shared the same core components.

One of the main design principles was to build an easily maintainable product. This on my mind, I created all sites on WordPress CMS and made one primary core theme which I applied for all websites, allowing us to develop all the websites simultaneously also in the future, keeping them consistent and coherent all the time.

FRANCIS 2020 project
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